Making Your Agency’s Data Work for You

Leverage client data to grow your insurance agency. Segment clients for targeted marketing, identify cross-selling opportunities, and predict renewal cancellations.

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By The ReFocus Team
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Most insurance agencies have a gold mine of client data. Are you making it work for you? There are ways to utilize it for growth that allow you to expand or enhance your current work.

Audience Segmenting

Data is king for marketing purposes, and experts recommend segmenting to improve marketing efforts. In insurance agency marketing, segmentation can help by providing valuable insights into clients' demographics, such as age, income, industry, property, and interests (e.g., families, boats, RVs, motorcycles, etc.). Understanding these demographics allows you to tailor your marketing strategies to suit your clients' preferences.

So, what should you be marketing to your clients in such instances? Lead with value-adds that make it easy for your customers to act. For example, if you have a large base of clients that have boat insurance, consider providing them with the following:

  • Information on seasonal boat preparation
  • Virtual or in-person events with your carrier partners about boating risks
  • Trends in the boating community
  • Risk factors impacting the boating community
  • Tailored promotional giveaways of watercraft-related items

By providing value first, you can increase the chances of your clients being receptive to new coverage options or upgrades you offer through your agency.


Opportunities to cross-sell your clients are often abundant. However, they may also be overlooked if you don’t consider the entire spectrum of your agency’s offerings. Sure, umbrellas for personal lines clients and standalone cyber policies for commercial clients might be the low-hanging fruit, but other policies may be within reach. For example:

  • You likely have birthdates for your personal lines clients. If your agency sells life insurance, have you considered a campaign for those in specific stages of life?
  • You likely have employee counts and other team info for your commercial lines clients. Have you considered campaigns to promote employee benefits offerings to them?
  • You likely have payroll information for your workers’ compensation clients. Would a high-net-worth campaign be valuable for those who appear to be in that income category?
  • Your team can also collaborate to cross-sell. P&C, L&H, and EB team members need to look for opportunities for the whole agency to grow. Having the right data—and using it correctly—makes it easier for them to identify these opportunities.


Have clients with you for years suddenly started looking at other options, or worse, left unexpectedly at renewal? Could your data have “warned” you that this would happen? It is very possible.

There are “red flags” in your data that can show you which clients are more likely to be shopping their policies. Understanding what to look for can give you powerful insights into where to place more focus for renewals.

At ReFocus AI, we’ve developed machine learning that can analyze your current data to pinpoint policyholders likely to leave up to six months before the renewal date, with a +90% accuracy rate.

We’d love to show you how to increase and improve your agency’s data usage!

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